YFFL Organize Your Life Program

12 Challenges Delivered Over 4 Weeks - The Easiest Way to Put a Plan in Place to Get Yourself Organized!

How it works:

  1. A NEW email series from YFFL has you organizing the elements of your life that can be the difference between you feeling in control and feeling like you are drowning in to-do's!

  2. 4 weeks, 12 challenges and a simple approach to implementing basic habits required to:
    - manage your personal finances more effectively,
    - plan for the "should-do" tasks around your home,
    - and manage your ever busy calendar

  3. The program is simple. You sign up and I send you a new challenge every 2-3 days to implement into your life. You give each challenge an honest try, and then at the end we assess your formula. What worked and what didn't and how can we tweak what you are doing so the formula becomes your own?

  4. This is going to make your life easier. You will not regret signing up and following through. At the end I promise you will feel more in control of the small stuff that tend to bog you down, leaving more time for you to contemplate what's next in this wonderful life you are creating!


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